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In the more than 11 years we have spent in the coaching industry, we have had the privilege and honor of serving and helping many people. Here is just a glimpse of how many hours have been spent building others up, creating community, and assisting others in getting their freedom, and therefore their lives, back.

Coaching hours completed
Workshops conducted
Hours of life given back as a results of coaching

executive management coaching

Small Business Owners!

Are you feeling stuck? Do you work all day and can’t seem to get anything done? Are you behind on your goals? Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? Do you lack clarity and focus?

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What is your business costing you?

Are you struggling to find good employee’s and then keep them when you do find them? How much of your time is wasted on the wrong activities? Are you struggling with the day to day and can’t seem to get ahead? Are you where you thought you would be? If answering these questions has brought a heavy sigh of frustration, we understand!

Let's Work Together

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This is a judgement free zone. We have a team of coaches who have your best interest in mind. We will help you identify & break free from your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success. We want to collaborate with you to help you realize and achieve your business and life goals. What are you waiting for!?

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What you will gain when you start working with us.


Clarity & Focus

Gain clarity & focus for your business and life.

Actionable Objective

Create actionable objectives to help you get back on track.


Together we tackle the biggest obstacles holding you back.

We Guarantee Faster Results

  • Accomplish your goals 30-40% faster
  • Double or Triple your revenue
  • Clear actionable & measurable objectives.
  • Watch the video to hear what our clients have to say!


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Brad Bevers
Bevers Real Estate

“I've worked with EntreResults for just over a year now, and can't recommend it highly enough. To be honest, I was not a believer in coaching. After my first meeting, I have done a 180 and recommend friends and entrepreneurs to EntreResults at least once or twice a month. In my first year I've accomplished my goals 30-40% faster than I would have on my own. This compounded over a year has paid big dividends. Networking with other business owners across industries has been very helpful. The rewards have outpaced the cost of coaching by so much that its practically free, especially considering that its a tax write-off. In the first 12 months of EntreResults coaching I wrote and published a book, tripled the amount of income I had ever made in a previous 12 month period."
coaching models and techniques
Zalla Otten
Zalla Massage

“I've been working with Jared and team since 2014, and the results I've seen in my business have been truly phenomenal, but what has been more meaningful to me is the empowerment I've received to maintain balance with my personal, spiritual and creative goals so that the business success enhances my ability to enjoy the rest of my life.”
why leaders need coaching
Liam Goudeket

“I've worked with EntreResults for years. He has helped me find balance at work and at home. Many times at work I felt stretched trying to lead at one swim school while opening another location. After a lack of success balancing the two locations and the needs of my growing family my coach asked me one simple question, from that one question he helped me put a plan into action could focus on the new one. This decision has allowed our company to grow, not only financially but culturally. We have great team members leading each of our locations and now we are looking to grow again. If your looking to find balance to your life, someone to help you plan and provide a different perspective then give EntreResults a call.”
Plan North
Katie Burch
Plan North

“There are so many things I could say, but perhaps this is the most meaningful. For the past seven years, "vacations" have consisted of being tied to the phone and internet, semi-panicked that something would go wrong while I could not fix it. No doubt it's taken a toll on my family. This year, I was totally off for a full week of total rest and enjoyment. Coincidentally, a family illness around the same time meant that I was actually gone from work almost three weeks. The shock of a lifetime came when I returned to a team working harder than ever, clients happy, bills ready to be paid, invoices mailed. It's just unbelievable what a difference six months of good coaching can make!”

What happens when you don’t have a coach?

  • Lost time with your family. 
  • Wasted Time.
  • Lack of direction and focus.
  • Under performing employees.
  • Distracted leadership team.
  • Still working on old goals set years ago. 
  • No hiring process.
  • Employee turnover.
  • You’re still not getting paid. 
  • Old issues are being resurrected. 
  • You’re still running on that hamster wheel. 

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Have confidence in your goals and your activity to drive results.

So, how does this work?


We want to learn about you and your business and walk away with an effective actionable objective.



Together we’ll determine which coaching option is best for you and your business.



With clarity, focus and actionable objectives you’ll be able to rest in a solid business plan.


Executive Development
For Leadership Teams & Business Owners

Our team can best serve companies between 50 – 500 employees, activating initiatives around business operations, scaling, hiring, culture, and strategic planning for leadership teams & leadership development.

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For Executives & Leadership Teams, Small Businesses

Our goals is to create a community of business leaders who can learn from each other and grow with each other. The workshops are designed to give you the space to work on your business to think strategically on specific topics. We measure results along the way while creating a culture of encouragement and accountability


Private Coaching
For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

We enjoy serving extremely motivated small business owners and entrepreneurs. Private coaching is beneficial for a higher level of accountability with a tailored approach.


EntreResults Academy
Professional on demand course.

I developed this program after spending thousands of hours coaching business leaders and sales professionals. We’re talking specific methods you can put into action immediately and see results within days or weeks, not years. In fact, these are the same materials I use with my private coaching clients.


effective sales coaching
Join our Online Community of Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the business world just like you.



How to Easily Improve the 7 Key Areas of Your Business
Jared Polak
How to Easily Improve the 7 Key Areas of Your Business
How to Easily Improve the 7 Key Areas of Your Business
Play Video Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, There’s no question that business coaching works. Ask any Fortune 500 CEO or executive and you can bet that they all have a coach or two guiding them from the shadows. A good business coach can help you do all of the following: – Strategize and prioritize your everyday tasks….
Jared Polak

Jared Polak