Are You Feeling Too Comfortable in Business? Here Are Six Things to Think About.

continue challenging yourself in business

Today we’re going to look at the problem of feeling comfortable in business. This is an interesting topic. Many of you have probably reached a level in business where you’re comfortable. Perhaps it was even your goal to reach this level of comfort. For some of you, maybe it wasn’t a stated goal, but that’s really how you’ve been living your business lives.

And then, some of you may be feeling very uncomfortable with where you’re at in business. Maybe it’s just been crazy and hectic and overwhelming. But the reality is that to a certain degree, you’ve probably become comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re used to the craziness and madness of the way business is run.

These feelings of comfort are more deceiving than you realize and can be problematic. So we’re going to look at six different things to think about as you face the problem of being too comfortable in business:

1. Being comfortable in sales. This limits the amount of income you make because you’re too satisfied with your numbers to push yourself and sell more.

2. Being comfortable with a certain marketing activity. What if one day, for whatever reason, your preferred source dries up? Then your qualified leads will disappear and you have no backup to fall on.

3. Being comfortable in networking. In this case, you’re limiting the reach of new people that you can potentially meet.

4. Being comfortable with the status quo in general. It’s impossible to get better if we’re okay with the status quo. The most successful entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo. That’s why they create awesome new businesses and nurture new ideas. That’s why growth happens.

5. Being comfortable with your personal lifestyle. This is a little bit outside of business, but if you’re too comfortable with the way you live and you’re resistant to change, you are missing out on opportunities to grow.

6. Being comfortable with your product/service delivery. Maybe you’ve been delivering your product/service a certain way for a long time now, and you’re creating satisfied customers but not raving fans. Which should really be your goal if you want to become the market leader in your niche.

The point today is to challenge your thinking and challenge the way you approach the different areas of your life/business. If you find that you’re getting too comfortable, make it your goal to get out of that rut and keep moving forward!