3 Books to Revolutionize Your Mindset Pt. 1

books to motivate you in business

Hello everyone! It’s great to have you here with me for today’s blog post. I’ve been going to many different meetings and conferences lately, and the topic of mindset comes up over and over again. Mindset is very powerful in the business world and in life in general, so I want to share three books that have had an impact on my life in regards to mindset. Now these aren’t necessarily my favorite books of all time or the most entertaining reads in the world, but these are three books that have influenced me as a person.

I’m going to briefly discuss each book and what I got from it. I haven’t read them all recently, but I’m going to share what I can remember. To avoid creating an overly long post, I’m going to break this into two parts. This one will cover the first book on the list, and the next one will cover the second and third books. Here we go!

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This is actually a pretty well-known book, and the author is a great marketer. I remember reading it around the time that I was sort of leaving corporate America. My mindset was still in big business. I thought from my college onwards of working my way up the corporate ladder and working my way to higher positions in big business and Fortune 500 companies.

I can’t really give you a long synopsis of this book, but it provides two different role models in the author’s life, whether fictional or real, and it talks about how they interacted with life differently. This book helped me learn to start thinking entrepreneurially. It made me consider starting my own business instead of working my way up the corporate ladder. It made me want to have more control of the corporate ladder. It made me want to own it rather than maneuver through it.

The author has a bent towards real estate and investing, so he encourages you to think about investing, particularly less common forms of it, such as real estate investing. There’s a push to just get creative when it comes to investments. He also came out with some other books, including Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant and Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing. At the end of the day, Rich Dad Poor Dad created a mindset shift that helped push me in an entrepreneurial direction.

I know we’re all leading really busy lives and you don’t want to be glued to your computer screen indefinitely, so we’ll stop here for now. I’ll be back with the second part of this post soon. Until next time, make it a better than amazing day!