Six Steps for Building and Sustaining Business Momentum

build momentum in business

I was talking with one of the coaches on the EntreResults team recently about momentum, and I started thinking about what that means Business Momentum. You know when you have momentum and when you don’t. You know when you’re gaining or losing momentum. Yet it’s still this intangible thing. So we’re going to talk about how you can get as well as keep momentum in your business. Here are the six steps:

1. Start moving

The chains. Move the bus. You’ve got to Take Action. You have to start in order to get the business going in the right direction. If you don’t, you’ll never get to creating momentum in the business.

2. Sprint

This is what I’ve discovered in business development—in the early stages of business when you’re trying to gain momentum, you really have to sprint. You have to go all out at the beginning of anything you’re attempting to launch, anything you’re trying to move forward with. A new business, a new service, a new product, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got to sprint at first.

3. Systematize

You start, you sprint, and then you have to put together a system that will allow your business to continue running even if you’re not there.

4. Sustain the momentum

After systematizing, you have to take a break because you can’t sprint forever. When you take a little break, you’re going to see if you’ll be able to sustain that momentum in the business, as a company. If you don’t ever take a break, you won’t know whether or not you’ve built up enough business momentum so that it’s sustainable in the long term. Take a step back and see if others can run the system in your stead, or check if your automation works as expected.

5. Simplify

Once you have a sustainable system in place, what usually happens is you’ll realize that you may have overcomplicated some steps and now you need to make them simpler. For example, in marketing, you might be generating leads in 9 different ways. A few of them are working wonderfully. Some are okay, while others aren’t working at all. Maybe the best course of action is to follow the 80/20 rule and just focus on the methods that are working best.

6. See

This is probably the most difficult step, really. You have to see and look into the future. Predict what’s going to happen. Let’s say you started a program for your company. You’re sprinting, had it systematized. It’s sustainable. Simplified. Everything’s working really well and you have your business momentum going. But the reality is that your business environment changes constantly. You have to see into the future in terms of economic trends that will happen, competitors who’ll enter the space, new innovations that’ll affect your efficiency, etc. Sometimes you have to start the cycle all over again because of a change that’s out of your control.


Those are the six things to how to gain momentum in business and maintain it. Remember, you can do all of this right and still lose momentum for short periods of time.

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Don’t be discouraged, keep taking action, and have a better than amazing day.