Business Consulting and Business Coaching Differences

consulting versus coaching

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day. Today we’re going to look at the differences between business consulting and business coaching. Most of what we do at EntreResults is geared towards business coaching, but some of our services involve business consulting as well. Here are the differences in a nutshell:

Business Coaching

1. Centers on the individual

We look at the person holistically. Sometimes you need to coach someone on time management skills, which will make them a better leader and improve their business. We go into multiple areas of a person’s life because they all have an impact. If your health is poor, for instance, addressing that will make you more focused, productive, and energetic, which will benefit your life and business.

2. Involves ‘empowering’

Business coaching educates and assists you in making major decisions in your business. We’re providing you with tools, methodologies, resources, and even people that will help you. We’re guiding you so that you have the ability to take action.

3. Works on mindsets

How do you think like an owner or a leader? How do you change the way you think? This kind of goes into the way you were brought up; how do you get away from restrictions like a poverty mindset? How do you think more like a wealthy person? These are the mindset issues that coaching tackles. Business Coaching also helps you overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and whatever else might hold you back.

4. Provides accountability

If you’re a salesperson or business owner, you might not have anyone to hold you accountable for doing what you say you’ll do. Business coaching naturally creates cycles of accountability that will help you reach your goals faster. It also creates motivation and inspiration. It’s guided by great questions as well. There are questions about how you run your business and your life, all of which lead to a process of self-discovery. This results in actionable items that coaching holds you accountable for.

Business Consulting

1. Involves working with experts in a specific field

When I started coaching, I was also an expert in sales (specifically business development sales), so I have the ability to help create processes. By that I mean I can go beyond just coaching and actually make the right sales programs for people or write up 10 steps to a sales call.

2. Involves creating systems

Business consulting goes beyond educating you on the systems by helping you create them in your particular field. In fact, a consultant might create the entire system for you.

3. Is usually temporary

Business consulting typically occurs during certain months or seasons, or maybe a year or two, whereas business coaching is typically long-term. With our company, sometimes we’re coaching someone for 5 years but have 3-month stints where we do more consulting. We spend the majority of our time coaching with elements of consulting as we go.

4. Provides a new team member

Business consulting can serve as an alternative to hiring a new employee. Maybe it’s too expensive to hire a full-time employee, but you hire a consultant for a temporary period where they’ll run a particular aspect of your business for you.



There you have it! You now know the main differences between business coaching and business consulting. I have a bent towards coaching, but I know there’s a time and a place for consulting.

So go out there and take action and leverage what you need, whether it’s a business coach or business consultant, get in touch with whoever is best for you and do the best for your business. Do you have any unanswered? Please, let us know by sending us an email right here, so that we can help you!

While you’re at it, make today a better than amazing day!