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CoachConnect Mastermind

Here’s your chance to network with other coaches and expand your connections! Join our mastermind, have fun, and walk away inspired as well as energized. You might even get the opportunity to jump in a Hot Seat and gain solid, actionable advice for your coaching business. 

  • Best 100% no-charge free event of its kind on the planet!

  • Connect and share ideas with people just like yourself who are growing their coaching practices.
  • Make friends! Encourage, challenge, and provide accountability for each other.

  • Gain insight from coaches with more experience if you’re new to coaching. Drastically reduce the learning curve. Even if you’ve been in the business for years, you’ll walk away learning something new every time. I do, and I’ve been a coach for 14 years.
  • Meet coaches from a plethora of different niches and refer business to each other.

  • Educational moment during each session, usually on topics related to business development such as how to gain clients, increase sales, etc. 

CoachConnect Mastermind is a quarterly event that runs for about an hour and a half. It’s not too time-consuming but can be extremely rewarding. All coaches are welcome!

Coach Growth Network

Coach Growth Network is the most budget-friendly live coaching program we here at Entre Results have ever created. It’s a monthly program perfect for part-time coaches looking to grow on small budgets, full-time coaches looking to hone their craft and serve their clients better, or really, any coach who needs more clients. 

  • Entry-level program designed for part-time coaches or full-time coaches who want to supplement their existing training.

  • Grow your client base – most coaches’ #1 problem is not having enough clients or not earning enough money from their coaching practice. We give you a proven process to help.
  • Improve your tactics – most coaches want specific steps to get better at what they do so they can in turn better serve their clients. We’ll provide you with a solid roadmap for furthering your skills.

  • Cultivate your faith – most coaches have a deeper “why” for coaching besides just making money. It’s an extension of their faith, which I’ll be sharing from a Christian perspective.
  • Interactive monthly workshops, plus some private one-on-one coaching!

All coaches are invited to attend one session for free, so you can see exactly how Coach Growth Network can help you grow your coaching business! 

Faster Growth Academy

This program is specifically for coaches, consultants, and trainers who want to double or triple their income in the next year. 

  • Heavily focused on sales, marketing, and gaining new clients faster.

  • One (sometimes two) private one-on-one coaching session with an EntreResults coach per month.
  • You’ll be a part of a small team with other coaches, consultants, and trainers who are taking the journey together for a monthly two-hour group workshop.

  • Get training on all facets of your coaching business, including overcoming objections, picking the right niche for you, packaging & pricing, and more!
  • This program is a culmination of coaching content developed and refined over the last 14 years I’ve been a business coach.

  • Unlimited access to DISC assessments, feedback from EntreResults coaches as needed, Hot Seat spot in CoachConnect Mastermind, and priority access to other EntreResults events. 

Faster Growth Academy is designed for those who are serious about making a fantastic living as a coach. It provides all the training and resources you need to achieve this goal.

Curious About Joining the EntreResults Team?

EntreResults is always looking for exceptional coaches to join our team.

  • Either part-time or full-time, and certifications are optional.

  • Flexible schedule with a focus on work-life balance, which gives you the freedom to serve others outside of your career.
  • Extensive training and resources necessary to succeed as an EntreResults coach, with a lot of accountability to make sure you stay on track.

  • Use the EntreResults brand, which has substantial clout in the coaching industry and can help you establish credibility with prospects fast.
  • Access to all EntreResults coaching materials/content for use with your clients, including ready-made coaching programs you can simply plug clients into!

This is an invite-only program. To be considered, please first attend CoachConnect Mastermind and/or join Coach Growth Network. Once we get to know you and believe that we’re a good fit for each other, you will be invited to join our team. We look forward to working with you!

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