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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lNc1KTmVo&feature=emb_logoAs the owner of a business, you already know how much of a struggle starting, running, and maintaining a business can be. You may also have already glimpsed how rewarding it can be. If you didn’t think it could be rewarding, you wouldn’t have done it—many people, as they battle through the trials of opening their own businesses, forget why they wanted to open that business and what they ever wanted to achieve with it. Instead, they become completely consumed by their inability to move forward, find success, or even just take a breath and calm down. This is where our Entre Results Owner Excellence coaching package comes in. This package includes:

  • Improvement in the 7 Key Areas of Business
  • Strategic planning to align your business with your values and goals
  • Availability to coach businesses with up to fifteen team members
  • Access to the proprietary success planner
  • One or two coaching sessions per month
  • Access to your coach in between coaching sessions
  • Periodic half-day workshops
  • One-on-one attention with you as an owner

The features of this package are specifically designed for small business owners who need motivation, encouragement, training, and the right tools in order to help them move forward and reach their goals—or, if you don’t yet know what your goals are, to define them, and then reach them. Whether you are just putting your business together or have been in business for thirty years, this package can help you! Here’s how some of the features of this package will tangibly improve your role as the owner and leader of a business:

Monthly Coaching Sessions:

Meeting with a coach every month is the best way to stay motivated, especially during difficult periods in your life or business. These sessions, with this frequency, allow us to get and stay on the same page, so Entre Results can help you pinpoint problem areas, make improvements, learn the necessary skills, and apply those skills and improvements to your business. This package will remind you why you wanted to go into business for yourself in the first place: because it gives you freedom, flexibility, and infinite possibilities.

Half-day Workshops:

Don’t think of this time as time you’re “taking off” from your business. This is time you are using to step back and look at your business from another angle, through the eyes of someone on the outside. This makes it possible to see the cracks, instabilities, and issues that you can’t see if you’re focusing on the details day in and day out. Periodically, we will meet, strategically plan, discuss progress, make new goals, and make sure that the path to those goals is clearly defined so that they are actually reachable.

7 Key Areas of Business:

These seven areas are the foundation of a good business. Not every person is born naturally talented at every area of business. This doesn’t mean that you are destined to be a failure, just that you might need some help, support, and extra attention paid to the areas that aren’t your strong suit. When you have the support that you need and the tools to make your weaknesses just as strong as your strengths, then your business will be hearty enough to withstand any trial.

Strategic Planning:

There is a big difference between planning and strategic planning. An example of “planning” would be saying, “I plan on going to Disney World in September.” An example of “strategic planning” would be saying, “I plan on going to Disney World in September, and here is a list of actions I need to do and when I will do them that ensures I can go.” Strategic planning is about more than simply stating your goals and deciding what you want to do, it is making a very definite path with concrete actions you can take to reach your goals.

Results of the Entre Results Owner Excellence Package

Why bother enrolling in this program? At Entre Results, we are all about the results—what’s the point of coaching if it doesn’t get you the results you want? Entering into this coaching program will allow you to:

  • Make more money
  • Have more freedom
  • Improve your business
  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Achieve your goals
  • Find success
  • Make the life you have always wanted to make, not just for yourself, but for your family, employees, and friends

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you own a business that you want to see reach even greater success, this is the package for you.

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