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“My company can’t be great at sales” is one of the biggest lies that someone can tell themselves. Every organization can launch from being good to great at sales; you just have to strengthen the sales mindset and refine the selling process.

If you want to go from good to great, our Entre Results Sales Performance coaching package is ideal for you. This coaching package is designed to transform how you think about sales and your actual sales results. These are changes that can be measured not only in how you feel about sales, but in real dollar figures. As you implement what you learn in our sales performance coaching package, you will see those dollar figures increase as you become more and more effective.

How does our program work? We:

  • Teach you the skills you need to be a successful salesperson
  • Change your mind about how sales works and what sales is
  • Reinforce learning through practice and accountability so sales come naturally
  • Teach you the tools you need to deal with “sales fear”
  • Show you which actions to take to be most effective
  • Help you draw out a sales map so you are never lost for words
  • Teach you how to get to know your product or service so you can answer any question
  • Motivate you to make real changes

We know that every person and every product and service is different. This is why we take an individualized approach to your sales program. Through practice, repetition, and careful and individual consideration, we will show you not just the skills that the most successful salespeople in the world use, but how to apply them to yourself so that selling becomes second nature to you.

Entre Results Sales Performance Coaching Package Components:

  • Weekly coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Perfect for a sales team of two to seven people

Weekly Coaching:

Three out of every four weeks during a month, we will be meeting together to discuss challenges, progress, and make new goals for the upcoming week. During these sessions, we will discuss the fundamentals of sales, as well as how to overcome the fear of selling (a.k.a the fear of rejection), and how to leverage your knowledge and skills in your selling process. The results of these weekly coaching sessions will be:

  • Increased volume of sales
  • Increase profits from sales
  • Better margins
  • More loyal customers
  • Continual improvement from the moment you begin to long after you complete your coaching

Group Coaching:

The fourth week of every month will be devoted to a group coaching session with other members of your team. What is the benefit of meeting with a group? Not only does the group offer each other support and accountability, but the process also creates specific solutions and concrete guidance based on the success of others. The coach will facilitate this process and offer his or her own feedback. This won’t be canned advice from your favorite “How to Sell” book, this will be very immediate and very applicable feedback from people who really care about your success, led by a coach who has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to make that success a reality. The result of these group coaching sessions will be:

  • A more objective view of your aptitude, failures, and successes
  • More applicable suggestions from those in your same position
  • Support from your peers
  • Increased sales revenue

If your business relies on sales in order to be successful and you are looking for a way to tangibly improve your skills, Entre Results’ Sales Performance coaching package is the ultimate solution to these and any other sales-related issues. Contact us today for more information!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you own a business that you want to see reach even greater success, this is the package for you.

Contact us today for more information.