288th Fastest Time in a 3-Mile Run and How It Relates to Business Success

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As much as I care for my business success, I care for my health and shape too. I’ve always been fairly consistent with working out every day. I take off some days here and there, but I work out by running pretty much every morning. Most days, I go 3 miles, and I track each run. When I finished my most recent 3-mile run, my tracking app said it was the 288th fastest on my record.

What that meant was out of all my 3-mile runs, I had been faster 287 times. I experienced a flood of emotions, for whatever reason. Yes, weird emotions crept upon me as I saw the number 288. And I want to discuss this as it relates to business:

1. Internal competition in business is vital

When I saw that my run was only the 288th fastest, I thought to myself, “My goodness, I need to be better. I need to improve myself to make the next one much better than 288th

From a business standpoint, how can we constantly get better? How can we improve the different parts of our business? Better at sales, customer service, marketing, leading, and so on. Internal competition is vital for success in business. I see this all the time in great leaders I work with and coach. Now, some people are externally competitive as well, but everyone has some level of internal competition.

2. I have consistency going for me

In order to actually get to the point where there were 287 times I ran faster, I had to run those 3 miles as often as I could. So consistency is another word to be well aware of for your success in business.

We need to be consistent with what we do. There are lots of different examples I can give you. Meeting and communication rhythms are vital for the success of the organization. Otherwise, things tend to veer off-track, and goals aren’t met. Consistently making phone calls to reach out to your prospects is another big one, so you can make a steady stream of sales.

3. Tracking is key and vital

I would never have known that it was my 288th fastest 3-mile run if I didn’t track. So track everything. Track your KPIs, the top metrics you need to look at to see if you’re successful. Figure out what method of tracking works best for you and your business success. For running, I have an app that does it. For business, spreadsheets are popular. There are different software programs we can use as well. It can be as simple as tracking everything on your phone. But it doesn’t matter how you’re doing it as long as you’re doing it consistently.

So just to recap, internal competition, consistency, and tracking are three vital points that are necessary to your business success as well as other areas of life. Are you using these methods to make your business accountable? Try them out and let us know how they worked. Drop us a line right here!

Take action on them, and have a better than amazing day.