How to Become a Top Female Business Coach

female business coach

Hello everyone! This is Jared Polak, founder of EntreResults, and I’m back again to give you yet another awesome blog post. Today’s topic is how to become a top female business coach for entrepreneurs.

It may seem a bit odd to create a blog post focusing on women’s business coaches, but I personally coach many female business coaches who are at the top and many more who are moving in that direction. On top of that, most coaches on our EntreResults team are female entrepreneur coaches. So even though it may seem odd at first glance for me as a male entrepreneur to do a blog post about female business coaches, I do feel pretty qualified to do so because of the environment I’m in and how many female business coaches I work with on a daily basis

Becoming a Female Business Coach

If you’re a woman who wants to succeed in the coaching industry, you might find it a bit overwhelming. As an aspiring female business coach, you might be wondering the best path to take when it comes to your career. This is especially true if you look at other women business coaches, many of whom probably have their own unique paths that they took to get to the top. It might be hard to figure out exactly what to do to become a female entrepreneur coach. And although there are many different things you can do, there are 4 particularly good ways to become one of the top female business coaches that will be helpful in almost any situation.

Tips for Women’s Business Coaches

If you’d like to know how to become a female entrepreneur coach, this list is going to be very helpful for you. That said, I’d like to discuss 4 things to do if you want to become a top female business coach. Now, without further ado, let’s get into these 4 great tips for female business coaches.

The top 4 Ways to Become a Top Female Business Coach

  1. Clarify Your Coaching Model as a Coach for Women.

It’s important to specify what your exact coaching model is in terms of your niche, target market, or avatar. You must get dialed into exactly what you’re looking for. You could, for instance, choose to be a coach who works exclusively with women business owners. Or you might choose the insurance industry as your niche and coach only entrepreneurs who work in that industry as a result. Even more specifically, you might choose to only coach female business owners who work in the insurance industry.

On the other hand, you might provide business coaching services for others who work as business coaches and life coaches. Obviously, I’m not a female business coach, but that’s exactly what I do. I coach other coaches, and as a female entrepreneur, that might be your niche as well.

  1. Improve Your Coaching Skills as a Female Entrepreneur Coach.

As a top female business coach, you need to know and have a lot of coaching skills. So, you need to learn as much as you can about managing people, methods of leadership, systems, marketing, and sales, among other things. In short, you need to get a deep understanding of everything that’s involved in running a successful business from an operational standpoint. And, you’ll want to continually improve on those skills as you go along. A lot of coaching is admittedly about asking questions, so you don’t have to have all the answers. But, if you’re focusing on becoming one of the top female business coaches, you need to ensure you have those skill sets.

  1. Define Your Coaching Process as a Small Business Coach.

There are many types of coaching styles and business coaching systems out there. As such, it’s crucial to figure out how you’re going to deliver your coaching services. Coaching sessions can be one-on-one or in the form of group workshops, for instance, so you’ll need to figure out whether you’ll use one or both of those formats. Some people provide coaching sessions through Facebook groups, so that might also be something you’ll want to do. Coaching sessions can be virtual or in-person, and many people like to offer a mixture of both, so that is yet another thing you’ll have to decide upon. Defining your coaching process is key, so you must make sure you figure out the specifics of how you’ll provide your services.

  1. Gain New Business Coaching Clients as a Female Business Coach.

Once you have the first three elements that we covered taken care of, it will be time to focus on gaining new business coaching clients. When it comes to business coaching, you’ll have to go out and make it happen. This is the point where you’ll need to make particularly good use of your sales and marketing skills. A lot of what you’ll be doing to land among the most successful women’s business coaches involves learning the art of selling, converting qualified leads, and marketing, which means generating qualified leads. So, it’s crucial to get great at sales and marketing to gain new business coaching clients.


There you have it. You now have 4 awesome tips on how to become a top female business coach. These tips will definitely help you succeed as a women’s business coach and make it easier to reach your goals faster. But as rewarding as owning a business is, it certainly has its challenges.

If you’d like more guidance or clarity regarding your business or would like to dive further into anything that was covered in this blog post, we at EntreResults can help. We specialize in business coaching and consulting services, sales coaching, and small business coaching services, among other things. If you need business coaches for women or coaching support in general, we can help. If you’d like to learn more or feel ready to take your business to the next level, feel free to contact us!