Four Unusual Ways to Gain More Leads and Sales through Networking

gain more sales leads through networking

Today, we’re going to look at four unusual ways to gain more business through networking. When I say unusual, it’s not because they’re weird or anything like that, but rather because they’re out of the norm. Most people don’t do these things, and they’re missing out.

1. When you’re in a networking event or situation, be memorable. Be different. Bring a visual to explain what you do, what your business is all about. Perhaps you can provide value, some way to add to every single conversation you have. Or maybe just be creative with the way you go about giving your ten- or thirty-second introduction.

2. Be aggressively good. Most people are very unaggressive in networking, meaning they’re not getting everything they could out of the events they attend. What does being aggressively good look like? When you meet someone and build a relationship, refer business to them aggressively. Or, aggressively go after one-on-one meetings so you could discuss how to better help each other out. Be very intentional. I’m talking about being aggressive in a good way, of course. Don’t push or hassle others endlessly.

3. Have a giveaway or handout that people can leave with. Now, certainly business cards are the norm. But maybe make the card different or unusual so you can stand out. Aside from that, what other giveaways can people walk away with? Leave them with something, either physically or digitally if you can get their email address.

4. Engage people online. Maybe you’re meeting someone face to face, but also engage them online. Connect with them on social media. Ask them to join your mailing list. You can even send them videos and pictures of your business and what you do. Go beyond just the physical face to face; make sure you have presence online as well.

Start by focusing on just one of these four unusual ways to network, and you’ll put yourself in a better position to create leads, which hopefully will result in more business for you. After all, that is the goal of marketing. So go out, have fun, and take action. Make it a better than amazing day.