Four Ways to Bring in New Business Quickly

Let me ask you a question – are you in a position where you’re responsible for bringing in income, business, new clients, referrals, or prospects for your company? If so, were you ever in a situation where you spent a long time just to get one qualified new prospect? Maybe you’re in that situation now where it’s basically been a desert in business development. It’s been a long time since you’ve gotten any real results.

Well, this blog post is specifically for you. And the reason is because I came up with a top 4 list to get business quickly, to get business within the next week when you apply these tips. However, this is not a “best practices” list. These are not things you’d necessarily want to do consistently, but they can be used in emergency situations to get quick results. Does that make sense?

So let’s look at the top 4 things to generate quick business:

1. Ask for a favor. Now, many people don’t feel comfortable asking for favors, but the fact of the matter is that occasionally, in emergency situations, it’s okay to ask for a favor or two. Just be sure that you’re asking people you have a business relationship with, that you’ve known for a while. Don’t pester those you’ve just met.

So, maybe a friend of yours said a couple of months ago that they have connections who can bring you new business, but he or she hasn’t made introductions yet. Go to them and say, “Listen, I’m kind of in a situation right now where I really need some help. You mentioned in the past that you have a relationship with these individuals. Would you be willing to make an introduction for me soon?”

This really works. I’ve seen it work. But you don’t want to overuse it.

2. Offer a crazy good referral incentive. The best practice is to always have a referral program, but when you’re in a tight situation, go ahead and offer a crazy good referral incentive. Make sure you’ll still earn money when you gain each new client, but come up with something extra you haven’t offered before that’s on a whole different level. It should be something you and your referral sources can get excited about.

3. Get as many no’s as possible. This can oftentimes be a best practice, but many people will not be willing to do it unless they’re in an emergency situation. Have a contest/race with yourself, to see how many no’s you can receive in a certain amount of time. For example, ask people if they can help you or if they have connections, and your goal is to see how many say no. Try to rack up 100 no’s.

What happens is if your goal is to get as many no’s as possible, obviously over that time you’re going to receive some yes’s. Basically, the more people you ask, the more favorable responses you’ll get.

4. Revamp your product or service. Create an extra service offering for your business or simply repackage what you currently have, but add a twist to it. Include something different. As a last resort, you can also simply rename your top product or service and then blast it out to your entire database, such as social media contacts, text message and email list, etc. Just get the word out there that you have this new or updated product/service and put a deadline on the offer.

If you’re in the desert right now with referrals or new business, take action with the above tips today and have fun doing it.