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Thank you for your interest in our free eBook on the topic of working productively from home! In this eBook we will cover:


– Mindset/Attitude: One of the most important factors when it comes to how successful you will be when working from home is your mindset/attitude. What challenges will you face and how do you overcome them?

– Preparing Your Work Environment: Here we will discuss how you can create a suitable work environment within your home. Home is your sanctuary, but you can’t feel too relaxed or you won’t get anything done.

– Planning Your Days: A huge cornerstone of working from home is planning your days. You might have more flexibility when it comes to setting your schedule, which can be a double-edged sword. Having a solid plan is crucial as it keeps you on track.

– Time Management: You’re likely not the only one staying at home right now, and you have to share whatever space you have with your spouse, kids, and pets. How will you deal with distractions from others in your household?

– The Tools and Technology Needed to Win: Do you have everything you’ll need in order to work productively from home? Fast and reliable internet, computer, noise-cancelling headphones, etc.

– People and Your Support Team: Working with those who are part of your team and support system is even more important during this tough time period. How do you keep in tact the sense of comradery you may have taken for granted at the office?

– Communication with Your Team, Vendors, and Clients: Communication can be a complicated thing in the office, and it’s bound to get even more complex when you’re working from home. How will meetings be conducted? Is there a plan in place for continued collaboration with your boss and co-workers?

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