Having a Hard Time Getting “Yes” from Prospects? Follow These Tips

how to get a yes from prospects

Recently, I’ve run across a few business owners who offer great services or products but are having a really hard time closing deals. So imagine you’ve followed your sales process through the entire meeting, and now you’re at the very end. You think everything’s going well, but the prospect still doesn’t want to invest in your product or service. And this is happening again and again.

That’s what I’m hearing in the market, therefore I came up with 8 different ideas that would be helpful if you’re in the same boat.

1. Analyze the sales meeting again

Was the communication good to begin with? I know you feel like things were going great at the time but really reflect on the relationship building, the questions you asked, and so on. Maybe in hindsight, you spent too much time talking instead of focusing on the prospect, so things didn’t go as well as you thought.

2. Research who the decision-makers are

Maybe the person you spoke to doesn’t actually have the authority to make a purchasing decision. So consider whether or not you met with the right audience. I know this sounds basic, but even seasoned professionals forget this.

3. Remind the prospect of your guarantee or reduction of risk

Or create a guarantee or reduction of risk if that makes sense for your business. This is so key because it helps people feel at ease when investing in your product or service.

4. Use a time-sensitive call to action that provides value

It’s good to have some sort of time-sensitive call to action that encourages prospects to make quicker decisions. I don’t mean something that’s cheesy or puts them on the spot. Rather, you should provide a useful benefit to those who act within a certain amount of time or before a certain date.

5. Ask for the business in a different way

Try different wording or use a different communication medium.

6. Encourage feedback

You want to know why they’re not moving forward. You can simply ask them, “Hey, I understand you don’t want to move forward but are you open to telling me why?” Sometimes you can get really good feedback by just asking in a non-threatening way.

7. Bring a team member with you

I know a lot of us are solopreneurs, but if possible, bring another person with you to the sales meeting. Statistics do show that if there are more people involved in helping connect with someone, a higher percentage of prospects are going to understand exactly what you do and will therefore be more likely to invest in your product or service.

8. Keep your chin up

Sometimes you’re just down in the dumps, and you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. It helps to call up someone who invested in your product or service in the past, one of your prospects who’s given you a testimonial about how well you did. Doing so can help you stay motivated because you know you’re offering something that can value humanity. Remind yourself often, and you’ll naturally bring energy and excitement to the table during sales meetings.


All that being said, those are 8 different nuggets to consider if you’ve been having trouble closing deals with your prospects lately. They are very easy to apply, so try them all then reach out here to let us know what worked best for you!

Stay positive, take action, and have a better than amazing day!