How to Free up Time PT. 1

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Welcome to my first blog entry in a short series about How to Free up Time.

Life is full of obligations.  Everyone wishes they had time to do everything they want to do.  What is the problem?  We have a wide variety of responsibilities, and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Life gets in the way of our free time.  Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Whether it is work, family, philanthropic, or social commitments, the desire to relax and spend time the way you desire is universal. For example, my first job after college required that I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and sometimes not return home until 8 o’clock that evening. After the freedom afforded me by a college class schedule, this was quite a shock.  My life consisted of waking up, going to work, going home, and repeating the process the next day.

This monotony made me start thinking about how I could create more free time for myself. Before I share with you the solutions I came up with, I would like to challenge you to create a list of all of the things you do throughout the course of your week or month.  These things might include: demands at work, non-profit involvement, kids events or practices, driving to meetings or work, checking email, cooking dinner, handling the concerns of a difficult client, or random, unexpected interruptions throughout your day.

I am dedicated to helping you find the delicate balance between fulfilling your obligations and finding time to do the things you really want to do. Be sure to check in soon with my blog where I will offer further explanation of this challenge and make suggestions about how you can better free up time in your life.