How to Free up Time PT. 3

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Welcome to the conclusion of the How to Free up Time series.

Now that you have reorganized your list in terms of priority, I will introduce you to some steps that will help you find that perfect balance between completing what needs to be done and finding time for the leisure activities you really want to be doing.

While looking at your list, keep in mind: delegate, delay, don’t, or take action, ask “Does this absolutely have to happen?” Then, ask “Am I the only person capable of completing this specific task?” After you answer those two questions utilize one of these four tactics.

Delegate –
If the situation absolutely must be handled but you are not the only person capable of completing the required action, it is a situation that can be managed by someone else. One example would be if a small business is handling calls all day and the calls are slowing down the sales staff, it would be in the company’s best interest to hire an administrative assistant.

Delay –
If the situation needs to be completed but is not time sensitive, it might be wise to delay handling a small job until there is a collection of small activities that can be dealt with in one group as opposed to breaking up your day multiple times.

Don’t –
If the situation is not adding any value, the solution is quite simple: DON’T DO IT.

Take Action –
In the case of something that must be done and you are the only person capable of completing it, do it and move on to your next task. By recognizing what your twenty percent (see Pareto’s Principle from How to Free up Time Part 2) is, you will be able to eliminate, delegate, delay, or complete the tasks on your list in the appropriate manner. Maximizing the finite amount of time you have available in a day will help you live a better life.

Be sure to check in soon for my next series. Thanks for reading!