How to Generate Qualified Prospects

I’m excited that you’re back for the second tip in our Seven Key Areas of Your Business series. This tip is on how to create qualified prospects, and it will transform your business by helping you find the right people who are interested in doing business with you. This tip may be basic to some, but it’ll literally change the lives of others.

Also, while you might have heard of this tip before, maybe you’re not using it consistently with your small business. I can think of hundreds of people I’ve worked with who understand this concept, but haven’t mastered it. So here’s how to start finding qualified prospects for your business: first, you’ll have to create a detailed description of your ideal client. Ask yourself these questions:

– Picture the ideal client you want your business to work with. What is he or she like? Really describe the type of client you’d feel excited about working with when you wake up every day.

– Who are you passionate about helping or serving?

– What group of people is going to be able to pay for or invest in your products and services?

So identifying your ideal client is paramount to your success in terms of finding and attracting qualified prospects.

As an example, just think about the age and demographics you want to target. Determine the geographical area you wish to work in, be it certain cities, parts of cities, or even narrowing it down further to specific zip codes. What about the educational level of your ideal client? If you run a business-to-consumer firm, decide if it’s families or individuals you want to focus on. Then drill down further. Perhaps your services are most suitable for families with small children. Knowing this will help you market to them later down the road. And if your company is business-to-business, what type of business will benefit the most from your help? What specific vertical markets do you want to focus on?

You want to create an ideal client profile to the point where it’s almost ridiculous, where you almost feel like it’s too specific. Many times when people create this list, they have this fear that they’ll pigeonhole themselves and not be able to work with clients outside of their criteria. And that’s simply not the case. But you should always start with your ideal client. So write down 7, 8, or 10 different words to describe who your perfect client is. That’s the first major step to developing qualified prospects. Now please enjoy this little tip and be sure to take action.