How to Get Back in the Groove After Taking Some Time Off

getting back into business after some time off

This post is specifically for those of us who perhaps have taken a vacation recently. Or, maybe it’s just past the end-of-year holiday season. You’re trying to get back into the groove, but you feel a little bit sluggish. Here are seven ways to get the momentum going after taking some time off.

Note: I’m going to structure this post a little differently. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be using the pronoun “I” for all the examples. Here we go:

1. I have to realize that I’m the problem. It’s not other people’s problem. Not my family’s, not my colleagues’, and not the environment’s. I am the problem, but I’m also the solution. I am 100% accountable for making the changes necessary to get back in the groove.

2. I won’t beat myself up for not getting back in the groove sooner. The past is the past. Maybe I didn’t get back on track fast enough, but it’s all about moving forward from here on.

3. In order to change my behavior, I have to change the story. I’ll think about a time where I got back in the groove quickly, and it felt so good. I was super productive, and I’m going to live that out again starting today.

4. I also need to change my habits, and I’ll become a prisoner to them. I’m going to wake up right away when my alarm goes off without hitting snooze. I’m going to work out consistently, because I know when I work out, I’m healthier and I can get back in the groove quicker. From a business standpoint, I will follow up with prospects or clients every day.

5. I’m going to share these habits with people on my support team. I won’t isolate myself, and I’ll let people know what my plans are. Oftentimes, they’re going to encourage me to get these habits done.

6. If these habits are difficult, then I will start small. Ridiculously small, in fact. Let’s say I want to work out. As opposed to committing to hour-long workouts, I’m just going to do one pushup, or walk one lap around the track. And instead of calling a hundred prospects this week, I’ll only call one. This is about taking little bite-sized actions.

7. I’m going to have fun. I’ll have a contest with others, just so we can all have some fun. Make a game out of it and don’t take it so seriously. The competition is going to help me get back in the groove quicker.

So I’m going to challenge you to be courageous this week. Take action and get yourself back into the groove.