Top 8 Proven Strategies to Inspire and Motivate your Business Team

inspire and motivate

In today’s blog post, We’re talking about Motivational Strategies and whether you are a business owner or a leader who knows how to inspire and motivate his personal or business team to success! 

In this brief, I’ll present some principles and techniques that should help you improve your personal leadership as well as your team! Although I work primarily with small or medium businesses, this advice works for all-sized companies who are keen to motivate their employees. You can also use it in your personal life, to motivate your children, friends, and neighbors. My examples in this blog post will focus mostly on the business community,  but the principle remains the same!

What are the Motivational Strategies?

During my long professional journey, I have read many research-based studies and books covering the subject of inspiration and motivation. I have found many valuable resources out there. However, I have worked with thousands of different business leaders over the years, so, I prefer to do my own research (either way formally and informally).

Some of the main questions that I always ask these business leaders are:

  • What they have found to be effective in terms of inspiring and motivating their employees?
  • How to become a business owner who leads his/her business team to success?

The answers were always enlightening and eye-opening! The list is very long but I’ve compiled my top 8 motivational strategies for you right here. They are as follow:

1) Sense of Belonging

A business owner who gives his/her employees a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity in the workplace will instill the feeling of security and support in them. Feeling like they belong to the business will bring out the best in them.

2) Public Recognition

Public recognition helps employees see that their company values their efforts and their contributions to its success. This will encourage them to continue the great work.

3) Private Recognition

Nothing can be more motivating to an employee than being recognized privately for his performance or accomplishments! Do it in a one-on-one setting with him. A smart business owner will celebrate his team members’ achievements and let them know that he appreciates their deeds.

4) Monetary Reward

Cash awards, bonuses, commission, gift cards, or any other financial rewards are the most direct and effective way to motivators for employees who meet their goals. 

5) Fear of Consequences

Yes, Fear is one of the most powerful emotions in human beings, eliciting focus and a sense of achievement. An employee who sees value in his company and is afraid of losing it will be highly motivated.

6) Competition

It has the potential to inspire and motivate employees, encourage them to put in more effort, and reach results. In fact, the competition allows the body and mind to increase effort and higher performance.

7) Significance/Purpose

Life gets meaning by finding someone’s purpose. The same goes for purposes at work. An employee will be more motivated if he has specific goals in mind.

8) Life/Work Balance

When business owners help their employees in maintaining a life/work balance, their employees will feel compelled to give their best to the work. Life/work balance reduces stress and helps in the prevention of workplace burnout.


Last but not least, the most critical starting point for you, as a leader who is dedicated to motivating others, is to prioritize the most important areas for your own personal motivation. You should know what drives you! You have to give your full attention and time to think about it. It is essential to gain clarity for yourself.

Then remember, once you figure this out, it is NOT about you! Please do NOT inspire and motivate your people and your teams only in the same ways that you get motivated. This is a common mistake that I’ve witnessed time and again. If a business owner gets motivated by monetary reward, his/her first instinct will be to motivate his/her team through financial incentives. Then, he/she gets devastated because it does not work. He/She will spend hours racking his/her brain without an answer.


Be my guest and browse our blog for more posts that break this concept into more actionable steps and examples. In the meantime, serve others by living a life of truth, empowerment, and freedom!

If you need any more clarifications or details about Motivational Strategies, send us an email and let us know what’s on your mind!