How to Overcome the Fears that Hold You Back

Have you ever had a thought, a really good idea that you knew you could really bring to fruition? It was well within your skillset, would be enjoyable to work on, and could make you successful and happy? Too often, when these thoughts come around, we immediately shut them down, listing off all of the reasons that we would never be able to do this or that.

These negative thoughts are a manifestation of our own fears. While some people are actually afraid of success, most people do not follow their dreams because they fear failure and rejection. These are very real fears, but not doing something because you are afraid you might fail is no reason to stop yourself from trying. Here are a few ways to overcome the fears that hold you back from doing what you know you are capable of doing.

Think of a Time You Overcame a Fear

Even if it was the littlest fear that you have—think back to a time when you faced a fear and conquered it. You probably felt powerful and capable after you faced that fear. If you can, think of a time when you achieved something similar to what you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to write a novel, but your fear is telling you that you are not good enough to write a novel, think back to a time when you have written something and someone else has enjoyed reading it. This can help you overcome your fear of rejection. A similar approach can be taken with just about any fear that you have.

Remind Yourself of Your Talents

If you have an idea of something you want to do or achieve, it is likely connected to one of your talents. Going back to the writing example above, if you want to write a novel, it is probably because you are creative and have a great idea for the story, or because you have a natural talent for writing. When you remind yourself that these are real talents that you have, that you have used to good effect before, you are less likely to stop yourself from at least trying to do something.

Baby Steps

One of the biggest fears that stops individuals from achieving what they want to achieve is the sheer size of that goal. The best way to overcome this fear is to break it down into baby steps, small, minute tasks that are easy to complete, instead of trying to tackle the whole goal in one fell swoop.