How to Recharge Your Owner Battery

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me today. There are many challenges that come with owning your own business. For starters, you have to make every decision for the company. You may feel like the world is on your shoulders, and it’s lonely at the top. It may seem like there’s no one to turn to for help. There’s a lot of stress as well, whether it’s business-related debt or the pressure to provide for those around you. Needless to say, owning a business can become exhausting.

With that in mind, how do you recharge your owner battery? I talk extensively about the significance of taking care of yourself on a personal level. Today, however, we’ll cover six ways to take care of yourself from a business standpoint.

Six Ways to Recharge Your Battery

1. Hire only A-players: It’s crucial to hire only top-level team members. Surrounding yourself with great people will recharge your battery. If someone drags you down, get rid of them and work towards a staff of A-players.

2. Deal directly with conflict: You need to face conflict head-on and as quickly as possible. It may be tough, but dealing with it will recharge your owner battery over time. Handling it directly decreases conflict in general.

3. Have a solid support team: I’m talking about a business support team here. You need a personal support system also, but you need professional support that people in your personal life may be unable to give. That’s why coaching is key. Coaches serve as great support teams that can help recharge your battery. We can talk through your decisions so you feel less isolated and alone. We can also serve as your cheerleader or hold you accountable depending on your needs.

There are other aspects of a business support team to consider as well, such as your accounting department. Think about who’s involved in your business finances. Or perhaps you have an IT support team. In both examples, you’ve got people to help you or even handle certain issues for you. You still have to manage decisions, but you don’t have to worry about them. This goes a long way towards recharging your battery.

4. Reach out to your support team: Connect with your support team on a consistent basis, even if it’s outside of routine meetings. This is especially necessary if you feel stuck. With coaching, we have scheduled sessions. They’re great, but may not be enough if you’re stuck. When that happens, reach out to us so we can help you through it.

5. Remember your “why”: Why are you passionate about what you’re doing? How excited were you when you started your business? Remember your purpose and think about why your business exists. Focusing on this is a surefire way to recharge your battery.

6. Take serious action: You need to take serious action without taking things so serious. This may not be proper English, but the phrasing is crucial to my point. Do what you must to grow and improve your business. Make plans and take action, but don’t take things too seriously! If you and your team are taking action, there’s no need to fret over results. They will come. It may be frustrating, but remember to relax. There’s nothing to worry about, as long as you’re taking action.


I hope this information helps you reduce stress and recharge your battery. I encourage you to take action on these items and note the improvements you experience. In the meantime, make it a better than great day!