I Hate to Love This Proven Results Activity Pt. 2

proven business results

Hi everyone! We’re back again for the second installment of my blog post on tracking. I want to thank you all again for joining me and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.

Now that we’ve covered examples of how we can track things and what areas of life it applies to, I’d like to discuss ways to make tracking more bearable for those of us who can’t stand it. Tracking can seem overwhelming, daunting, or tiresome, but the truth is that it really doesn’t have to be. There are a few simple rules you can follow to ensure that your tracking activities are productive and something you can stick to. Here goes!

1) Keep it simple – Don’t over track! Tracking too much is one of the best ways to make yourself miserable. Don’t use complicated systems or track too many things. Decide on the most important things to track, find the easiest way to track them, and then go from there.

2) Limit the amount – This kind of links back to the first item a bit, but it still needs to be said: control the number of things you track. Don’t try to track 50 things at once. Maybe focus on the top three things in your business, or perhaps the top three to seven things in business and life that you want to track consistently. Then leave it at that. If you go much further beyond three to seven things, you’ll feel overwhelmed and dislike tracking more than you already do.

3) Make it beautiful – If you want tracking to become more enjoyable, consider creating a visual that’s beautiful and fun to fill out that you can make part of your tracking. Or figure out another way to do it that’s more enjoyable. I know I joke about hating it but that’s really more about creating a catchy title for the post. Sure, at times I don’t exactly like it, but there are things you can do to make sure it’s not miserable and to even enjoy it. You can also gamify it a bit, and make it a game type situation. The point is, do what you need to do to make it fun!

4) Reward result – When you track over a consistent period of time, even if you haven’t gotten the end result yet, give yourself a bit of a reward along the way for just doing the tracking activity. I can guarantee that if you continue engaging in tracking activity over time you will get the results you want.

So that’s it! I strongly encourage you to go ahead and start tracking. It may not seem like the most fun thing in the world, but if you stick to it you’re going to get results. So please give tracking a try, incorporate it into your life, and make it a better than amazing day!