Seven Tips to Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

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Before we get started today, I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that my book EntreBusiness was published and launched about three months ago. Check it out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

The topic today is how to approach the holidays. I’m writing this in the middle of November, and we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving coming up soon. Afterwards, obviously multiple holidays will take place during the next month or so. In light of this festive season, we’re going to look at seven things in regards to work and life balance. Specifically, the points are based on my three core business coaching concepts: systems, accountability, and mindset. So here they are:

1. Focus on Thanksgiving. Be thankful! As an entrepreneur, perhaps you’re thankful for the flexibility and opportunity of your profession. If you’re a sales professional, you might be thankful for the ability to have more control over your schedule. In addition, there are probably many things you’re thankful for on a personal level. So focus on giving thanks during this time of year.

2. Be aware of limiting beliefs, worries, fears, and emotions. This is a difficult time of year for many people. You realize more than ever that certain people you care about are no longer with you, there are relationship challenges, etc. So just be aware of these fears and emotions that tend to come out and become amplified during this time of year. Deal with them head-on. Maybe have an outside person help you get through some of these emotional challenges.

3. Aim to be completely on or completely off. What I mean is that sometimes people sort of work, and sort of don’t, during the holidays. So they don’t get that true break. Listen. If you’re going to work, be efficient, be productive, and be focused. Make it happen. Or, if you’re off, be off for real. Don’t worry. Relax. Take time off. It’s that middle ground we want to avoid.

4. Take advantage of the slow season. I know it’s a hectic time for those of you in travel, retail, etc., but if this happens to be your slow season, take advantage of it. Use it to improve a system or process within the company. Choose a specific area of business and make it more systematized. Or maybe it’s time to get organized. Work on those important but not urgent tasks during this normally slow season.

5. Seek out unique networking opportunities. With all the parties and events that are happening over the holidays, it’s a great time to network. You’ll be interacting with people that you normally don’t interact with, so look at different ways to network. Be aware. Be strategic. Be intentional about these unique networking opportunities.

6. Plan for next year. This is a great time to start thinking through and planning for the next year. Also, take the effort to evaluate what has worked this year and what hasn’t in terms of marketing, HR, sales strategies, etc. Just recap everything and get down to planning.

7. Consider increasing your accountability for next year. This isn’t only about business accountability, but in other areas of your life as well, such as health, faith, family, etc. How can you put people or systems in place to hold yourself more accountable to your goals? Maybe it’s time to think about hiring a business coach or another outside person to help you stay accountable.

Those are the seven things to do as we approach the holidays. Go out, take action, and make this the best holiday season that you have ever had!