Four Ways to Master the Moment as a Leader and why it’s So Important

how to get attention as a manager and master the moment

The topic today is how to master each moment as the leader. Now, it is certainly beneficial at times to look at the past, analyze what has worked and what hasn’t. History is important because we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we made in the past. Looking at the future is also important. This is where we’re going to go. This is our vision for where we’re headed.

I don’t want to take away the importance of focusing on the past and future, but oftentimes we invest too much time in those areas. As leaders, we need to emphasize on the actual present moment, the moment in which we live. Right here and now. The problem with spending so much time on the past is this: you start saying stuff like, “I should have done _____” and you get stuck regretting things you did in the past. It really brings you down as a leader. On the other hand, if you’re too focused on the future you might say, “I will do _____ as soon as _____.” Do you see the problem here? You’re basically giving yourself the permission to procrastinate.

So let’s focus on the present moment for a change. Here are four things to look at:

1. Focus on the activity now. Be all in for the moment. Right now, you’re reading this blog post. Right now, you’re typing out a specific email. Right now, you’re making a phone call. This is what you’re going to do, nothing more and nothing less. Be engaged 100% in the present moment.

2. Be grateful for the activity you’re doing now. Get excited about what you’re doing in the moment. Be thankful for it. Doesn’t matter if the activity seems trivial. Just enjoy it, whether it be walking up the stairs, taking a hot bath, or chatting with a client. Again, be very engaged in the moment in terms of appreciating the opportunity you have to do what you’re doing now.

3. Be extra engaged if you have someone in front of you. Be lost in that moment with the person you’re with. Whether it’s a sales meeting with a client or someone random at a networking event, focus on the person you’re speaking to. Then take it one step further and pay full attention to everyone you come in contact with, no matter how simple the interaction is. Let’s say you’re at a drive-through window or checking out in a grocery store. Well, be engaged with the person at the checkout counter. They are your priority now, not the hundred other things you may have on your mind.

4. When you’re engaged with that person, lose the agenda for that moment. Set an alert if you’re on a time limit so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone/watch. Then, for the duration you’re with someone, focus on them. Be open to exploring new possibilities. We are often the most creative when we’re uninterrupted and concentrating on the task at hand. You might find that you’re able to find creative solutions to problems or ways to get things done that maybe you haven’t thought of before.

It’s crucial to be in the moment as a leader. You tend to have more energy when you’re living in the moment. You’ll be less stressed because you’re not constantly worrying about the future as much. You even enjoy life more when you’re thankful for each opportunity that you’re presented. And all of these things will contribute to better results. So let me encourage you to master living in the moment as a leader. Go out, take action, and have a better than amazing day.