Mind Power

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all feeling fantastic. I’m very fired up today for another incredible blog post. This post is designed especially for you, as a small business owner, leader, manager, or sales professional in the small business community. Thank you for joining me!

We’re going to talk about mind power, and by that, I mean the power of the mind and mindset. We’ll be discussing viewpoints and all of these things that sort of involve the way we think. Mindset is powerful. It is critical throughout the entire coaching process as well as that of growing your business. As such, it’s very important to know what influences how we think, as that is a vital part of learning how to control and alter our thought patterns as needed. With that in mind, I’d like to talk about the most common influencers when it comes to mindset.

The Top 6 Things That Influence Your Mindset.

1. Economics

Not surprisingly, people have different views based on their economic situation. Perhaps you grew up with nothing, or maybe you grew up with a lot of money. You might currently be middle class or you might be upper middle class, among other possibilities. Regardless, our disparate economic situations are bound to result in different ways of thinking.

2. Culture

I love the diversity of culture in my hometown of Houston. It’s amazing, I love people with multiple cultures, and I’ve always enjoyed different cultures. Still, culture is definitely something that affects the way you think. In ways good, bad, and in-between, your culture and where you come from impact your mind and how it works.

3. Upbringing

Your family upbringing has a huge impact on your thinking. How did your family bring you up? Was it in a positive and encouraging way, a negative way, or somewhere in-between? Who raised you? All of these things influence so many aspects of the way you think. When we’re thinking about business, money, or growth, there’s a spectrum of thoughts that are based on how you grew up.

4. Education

Your educational level most certainly impacts the way you think. If someone has a PhD, for instance, their education will probably be vastly different than someone with an MBA. There are some who have their BA or have gone to trade school, while others may have a high school diploma. The way you were educated impacts how you think, specifically how you think in business.

5. Experiences with entrepreneurs

Your interaction with other entrepreneurs is a big factor when it comes to how you view things. Some people think entrepreneurially because they grew up around entrepreneurs or business owners. Others have negative ideas about owning their own business because they had bad experiences while growing up around a small business. When it comes to a person’s thinking style, it can certainly vary. Some naturally think entrepreneurially, whereas others think like employees, or people who work for someone else. There are also people who think on a more technical level. None of these styles are right or wrong, they’re just different. In any case, the experiences you have with other business owners have a lot to do with how you think about business.

6. Limiting beliefs

Last but not least, limiting beliefs are a major influencer when it comes to how you think. It’s important to think about your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. What holds you back? At EntreResults, we have a coaching methodology that has a process for overcoming limiting beliefs, which I’ve found often result from life experiences. These experiences are huge contributors to limiting beliefs.

Although limiting beliefs are part of a list of the top 6 things that influence the way we think, they are almost always the result of the experiences we’ve had regarding the first 5 things. With that in mind, let’s talk a bit more about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

A Deeper Look at Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be a powerful deterrent for those looking to start a business. A lot of times people have limiting beliefs or fears like “I can’t make a living as an entrepreneur”. Even for those who are already in business, limiting beliefs can still be a problem. For example, at EntreResults I work with very successful, profitable small businesses that want to become big businesses, and some of the owners have a feeling that they can’t create a business that runs without them. That, of course, is a limiting belief or fear. Fortunately, limiting beliefs don’t have to hold you back. Now that we’ve taken a closer look at them, let’s get into what we can do to get rid of them.

The Two-Step Process for Overcoming a Limiting Belief

1. Recognize it

When it comes to a limiting belief, it’s important to identify it and call it out. Oftentimes it helps to have someone else assist you in calling it out, as you may not always realize your own limiting beliefs.

2. Take Action

Overcoming a limiting belief is an action-oriented process. In other words, you must take action to overcome a limiting belief. Don’t try to think your way through it, act your way through it. That changes the way that you think.


I remember early on I thought I was too young to coach. But then I realized, as I started taking action, that I was helping people in a massive way. I saw that I had a knack for sales coaching and business consulting, among other things. So that began to change the way I thought.

Another fear I had was that I couldn’t write my first book. It was a limiting belief that stemmed deeply from the fact that I was never particularly good at writing. Once I started writing, however, things changed. I also got coaching and guidance from people who had written books before. Now I have a couple of books published and publishing books and creating content is what my life’s all about. As you can see, acknowledging and taking action on limiting beliefs is the key to eliminating them.


In any case, I want to encourage you, no matter where you’re at, to understand the power of the mind. I also want to remind you that you have to change the way you think (the mind power) to get to the next level. I’d love to assist you with it. If you need someone to guide you through a process that will help get you to the next level in regards to your belief system, I can help. Whether you need small business help, you’re interested in business consulting, or you need sales coaching, I’d be honored to work with you. With that said, have a better than amazing day!