Top Six Mistakes Small Business Owners Make During the Holidays

Our topic today is the six biggest mistakes that people in the small business community make during the holidays. Now, I wrote this post just before the Christmas season, but even if you’re reading it any other time of the year, it’s still very applicable. It’s just that these mistakes tend to occur more often during the holidays.

1. Putting off action until next year. Perfect example is losing weight. So many people want to wait until the first of the year to start losing weight or adopt healthier habits. But why wait? Why not take action now, today? Imagine what it’d be like if you’re eating healthy and losing weight during Thanksgiving and Christmas, despite all the temptations around you. What kind of boost in motivation would that give you for the rest of the year? So stop putting off action. In business this means don’t wait on hiring, don’t wait to balance the books, don’t procrastinate when it comes creating next quarter’s marketing plan, etc.

2. Only focusing on the end results. Oftentimes when people plan out their next year, they only focus on the results. Results are obviously important, but what’s even more crucial are the steps that will help you get to the said results. There’s no point in putting goals down on paper if you don’t also come up with a plan to achieve them.

3. Forgetting about routines. Routines are paramount. In order to be successful, many of us set up routines for ourselves. However, a lot of us just give up on them during the holiday season and we’re okay with it. Listen, if you have a routine for scheduling follow-up calls, stick with it during the holidays. If you have weekly team meetings, stick with them. Be consistent. Keep your routines as much as possible during the holidays. Because if you let them go, it might be tougher than you think to get back on track later.

4. Not seeking help when you need it. Many people struggle with disappointment throughout the year, or they have something called the business owner blues. Maybe you’re depressed or just feeling down around this time of the year. Maybe you lost a loved one or went through bankruptcy. Don’t make the mistake of not seeking help when you’re going through tough times. Talk to a professional counselor, a good friend, or clergy, because this is not a time to be alone.

5. Not celebrating the wins in business and life. Take some time to reflect back on the wins, celebrations, and goals achieved this year.

6. Not enjoying the moment. Choose to enjoy this time of the year. Appreciate the relationships you have and even the challenges that can be faced. Have fun, because life is short. Enjoy where you are at today.

So be sure to avoid making these common mistakes. Go out and make it happen today.