4 Killer Ways to Overcome Bad Mindsets Pt. 2

how to overcome bad attitude in business

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today. It’s time to discuss the next 3 ways to overcome bad mindsets, so let’s jump right in!

Method 2: Mood Log

What you do: A mood log is great for anyone experiencing a lot of anxiety. I started experimenting with it when I had a panic attack several years ago. I had a lot of anxiety about doing anything, be it riding in a car, going on a plane, or using an elevator. With this method, you track your mood and anxiety levels multiple times throughout the day to get out of that anxious mindset.

Examples: Going back to the sales call example from our last method, you would rank the anxiety you experience before the calls on a scale of 1 to 10. Sometimes you’ll realize that your anxiety is actually not that high. This creates a practical, factual thing you can observe that reduces “all or nothing” thinking. When you have anxiety it’s easy to think “It’s always like this, I’ll always feel this way, it’ll always be bad”, but a mood log will show times when you’re not that anxious. Better still, you’ll ultimately see improvements in your anxiety as you take action on the mood log. If you want more support in this area, check out Feeling Good and When Panic Attacks, both by David Burns. These two books are fabulous when it comes to shifting your mindset.

Method 3: Reading books

What you do: If you want to overcome a difficult mindset, it’s important to read as much as you can. We all come from unique backgrounds, which is why we all think differently. So read books from people who don’t think the way you do, have a different socioeconomic background, and who are in different areas and levels of business than you. This will broaden your mindset.

Examples: There’s no magic number here, but if I’m not reading 25 or more books per year, I am totally off track. 40 to 50 books a year is closer to my norm with a little bit of a stretch. There’s no perfect number but you’re just going to want to read a lot and re-read books that have been good in the past. Those are both excellent choices.

Method 4: Build a support team

What you do: Make sure you have a support team around you that can help you overcome your limiting beliefs, fears, and detrimental mindsets.

Examples: An example of having a good support team would be associating with and having team members who aren’t at your same level of business and who have different ways of thinking. It would also include engaging with people who can stretch you and meeting with them on a consistent basis.

If you’re a business person or you’re working in sales, have some relationships with people who are very successful in owning their own business. Spend time with them, ask them questions. And, of course, do everything you can to give back to these people, don’t just take. There are a lot of gifts that you have as well that will enable them to benefit from the relationship. Be consistent with the practice of having a support team around you, it will definitely help you overcome issues with your mindset.


There you go! You now know 4 killer ways to overcome bad mindsets. Take what you’ve learned and use it to make waves in your industry. I hope to have you back with me for the next post! Until then, make it a better than amazing day.