How Private Recognition = High Team Performance

high Team Performance

Private Recognition! One of the primary motivators for high team performance and success. It is in fact one of the eight motivational categories that I’ve detailed in a previous blog entry. It’s what distinguishes the best teams from the rest. In order to achieve their goals, a business owner and a team leader must learn how to motivate and guide their teams, in order to achieve their goals. 

How to motivate your team to improve performance using private recognition?

Let’s take a look at the value of private recognition and how it can help build high-performing teams. 

Private recognition is the type of appreciation given in private, away from the eyes of other team members. It is often more meaningful than public recognition because it is specific and tailored to the employee. It gives him a sense of importance and distinction. You might be surprised at how simple private recognition is while having such a powerful effect on team performance. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost a bunch, which is a significant factor for a small business owner.

How to benefit from private recognition as a business owner? 

Before we get into detail about how to use Private recognition to empower your team, you should be aware that it may not work in all situations. When it comes to motivators, business team members may differ. In fact, don’t make the critical mistake of only motivating people in the way in which you prefer to be motivated. During my coaching career, I have met business owners who thrive on private recognition, but they avoid public recognition like the plague. This may not work for some of your team members, so get to know your people.

Also, you may ask why private recognition is so effective to build high-performing teams. It’s because it’s done in private. It can be delivered through a variety of channels, yet it should follow a consistent format. 

3 steps to boost your team performance?

Let me share with you some tactics to keep in mind:

1️⃣ Thank the person, SPECIFICALLY, for what they accomplished for the team, and don’t be vague! It’s not bad to tell a person “Great work!” but it’s much better to say: “Great work in creating that marketing piece that we sent out to our clients. I love the attention to detail you had in the color and shape of the border. Also, the content you wrote was upbeat and actually made me smile.” Can you see the difference?

2️⃣ Tell your employee the specific way they helped the company. Something like: “After sending out your marketing piece, we immediately received four calls from qualified prospects, two of which have already become new clients. Those new clients came on board as a direct result of your action.”

3️⃣ Finish by thanking them for the job well done in a brief and less detailed manner: “Thanks again for that incredible marketing piece, I don’t know how we would manage without you.”

Final tips … 

Here are some ideas for business owners to get the most of private recognition

🔹 Keep it simple and tell them face to face IN PRIVATE. It is preferable if it is held separately from a regular individual company meeting.

🔹 Write a hand-written note. This is a fantastic idea that is also very simple. Often, people will save their cards and keep them all year!

🔹 With this note, Include a small gift or gift card.

Also, for effective private recognition please avoid communicating this information over email or text message. Sometimes,  kindness can get lost in translation.

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In the meantime, serve others by living a life of truth, empowerment, and pursuit of freedom!