There are a lot of business coaching programs out there, but there isn’t one that fits the needs of all people. So, what if you had multiple choices when it comes to coaching programs? What if these choices included programs that offered you greater value and were just the right fit? We all have challenges and obstacles to overcome. We don’t want your coaching program to be one of them.To that end, we offer something for everyone at Entre Results. We have four main coaching programs to choose from, all of which are customized to fit your specific needs as an executive, business owner, entrepreneur, or sales manager. These programs are designed to satisfy the needs of all of our clients and deliver a customized coaching experience that is tailored to your individual needs. For more information, let’s take a look at our coaching programs below.

Executive Development

This phenomenal program is designed to help busy executives and business owners become better leaders and grow their businesses or departments effectively. It’s ideal for a C-Suite Leadership Team of three to ten, or organizations with 10- 500 employees. This program is perfect for you if you need a visionary who will think big with you. It’s also ideal if you need someone who can assist you in activating initiatives regarding business operations, scaling, hiring, and culture, while working toward and realizing the vision of the company. This program is customizable, too, which means it can be altered to further fit your company’s needs.


Owner Excellence

This amazing option is designed to help small business owners learn and develop the necessary skills to grow and scale their businesses. This program teaches you how to be an effective leader and develop and create a Strategic Plan that you can implement. It is also designed to give you the confidence and capabilities necessary to lead a thriving business. If you have a team of 2-10 employees and are having a hard time prioritizing big projects, putting out fires, and figuring out how to grow your organization, this program is perfect for you. Financially, you may not be in a position to hire someone to do these things for you, but this program allows you to invest in an advisor who can empower you to develop the skills to do it yourself. 


Entre Results Academy + Workshops

This is the perfect program for entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. ERA + Workshops is a blend of an online 100% DIY program complete with live monthly workshops and some 1-on-1 coaching. This program offers the best value for your one-man show with proven foundational principles that will provide guidance, structure, and accountability within a community of entrepreneurs. The workshops allow for the ability to learn, grow, and network! If you’re a solopreneur, then this is the program for you! If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what the next step is, or you have tons of ideas but aren’t sure how to implement them, this program can help.

Sales Performance

This program focuses on helping sales teams get to the next level and targets two different areas. The first area is specific to organizations that have 2-10 sales team members, but don’t currently have a sales manager. This program bridges the gap to increase sales, hold sales team members accountable, and work on the sales process. It also helps you to find, recruit, and bring on a full-time sales manager.
The second area is geared towards larger sales teams that desire individual coaching and workshops. It’s also great for specific sales team members who already have a sales manager, but need extra support to crush the sales goals. If you’re a business owner who is still acting as a sales manager, or if you’re a sales manager who is looking for an extra edge to help your team grow, this program is for you. Perhaps most importantly, this is a customized program designed to maximize your results.


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you own a business that you want to see reach even greater success, this is the package for you.

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