Want to Become a Great Networker? Emulate These Seven Characteristics.

Networking skills

We’ve all heard of and know the power of networking, so the topic for today is how to become a great networker. Specifically, I’m going to talk about seven surprising characteristics of terrific networkers. Let’s get started:

1. They all have different personality types. What I mean by this is they’re not necessarily the most outgoing of the bunch. When people think of great networkers, they naturally picture extroverted, talkative people, and that’s not always the case. Great networkers exhibit many different behavioral and communication styles.

2. It’s a lifestyle, not an event. There’s a whole bunch of different networking events out there: chambers of commerce, BNI, trade associations, etc. But really, when people network, it’s a lifestyle. It’s what they’re doing when they’re out and about with friends, when they’re at church, when they’re at restaurants or bars, and so on. It’s a way of life for them.

3. Great networkers can balance between maintaining long-term relationships with adding new ones. These guys are not stuck in a rut. They don’t just have set long-term relationships. They’re also adding new people to the mix constantly.

4. They participate more than the average person. Say they’re in a group or part of an organization. They’re never the person who shows up for the weekly meetings and leaves it at that. They’re participating in more ways, such as becoming a leader or organizing events. They’re not necessarily the most involved person in the group, although they can be. But they’re definitely not someone who’s below the line in terms of participation.

5. They track the results of their networking efforts. They know how much time they spend on networking and the results they get from it. They keep tabs on which referral sources and relationships bring them the most business.

6. They rarely eat alone. They’re always looking for an opportunity to have a meal with someone; it’s just a part of their networking strategy. Plus, it’s nice to have company during lunch!

7. They’re always moving their business relationships to the next step. They never stay stagnant, and change up the scene frequently. They might go from networking in a large group to getting more personal with each individual.

Those are some characteristics of great networkers. Do your best to emulate them so you can get better results for your business and make more money. Then you can use that money to better the world, give back, and support your family. Go out and take action today!