Situational Mindset Choices

mindset coach
Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day. Thanks for joining me for today’s blog post. As the title suggests, we’re going to talk about mindsets and our power to choose one. We’re going to look at three mindset categories (normal, better, and best) and go over examples of each. Before we get started, I’d like to ask you this: Which category do you fall into? Think about that as we discuss these three mindsets:

1) Normal – Let’s say you’re driving down the highway and wind up stuck in a ton of traffic. The normal response would involve worrying about being late, growing impatient with the wait, and getting generally upset. On a similar note, let’s say you get a flat tire. A normal response would be to start dreading the situation and worry about how much time fixing it will take. You might think, “Why do bad things always happen to me?” We often find ourselves going “Why me?” or “Why now?” in these situations.

2) Better – I like to call this the “No Bid Deal” response. Taking our previous examples, someone with the better mindset would say “Lots of traffic? No big deal. This is just the way it is sometimes; in our big city we get traffic.” The response to the flat tire would be similar, something like “No big deal. We’ll get it taken care of.” This is the sort of attitude you’ll see from people who tend to go with the flow. This is often a better way to handle irritating situations. Chances are, you’ll feel less stress when you take this approach.

3) Best – This mindset takes things a step further. You don’t just shrug off the stressful situation and adapt, you find the upside. When faced with traffic, someone with this mindset would think, “This is actually a good thing, because now I’ll get a chance to listen to that business audio book I’ve been struggling to make time for.” Or they might think, “I’m stuck here but I’ve got my headset on and I’m hands-free, so why not use this idle time to make one more sales call?” A flat tire is a bit more challenging, but you could think something like “You know, I remember when I was little and someone taught me how to change a tire, and now I get to put that old skill to use.”

If that seems like too much of a stretch, you could be thankful that you have roadside assistance and use the time you spend waiting to do something productive. This mindset is all about figuring out how to make the most of the situation.

The following tips will help you take your mindset from normal to best:

1. Be intentional – We have to take a look at what we’re telling ourselves and be aware of our self-talk.
2. Be gradual – Maybe we have to go in stages and go from normal to best by tweaking our thoughts little by little. If you can’t leap straight from normal to best, it’s okay to shoot for something in the middle at first.

I really want you to imagine the ways in which your life and business will change when you improve your mindset. Your days will be more pleasant and you’ll feel better about your life. You won’t let small obstacles hold you back or prevent you from reaching your goals. Let’s all get out there, work our way towards the best mindset, and have a better than amazing day!