Seven Steps to Creating a Content Video for Online Marketing

create video content for marketing coaching business

The topic today is creating a content marketing video, which can be powerful for your coaching business. This is not going to be about where or how to publish videos, but rather a few simple steps on how to create video content that’ll provide value for your clients, prospects, etc.

1. Don’t overthink it

This is important. A lot of people have a certain fear when it comes to video content creation. They get freaked out when they have to go in front of a camera. I mean, it’s good to have a strategy, and once you do a few videos, it’s worthwhile to improve upon that strategy. But don’t overanalyze. Don’t overthink every single thing viewers might look at. Just keep it simple. Breathe. It’s going to be okay.

2. Plan out the main idea of the video content

To put it simply, what are you going to talk about? And what are a few sub-points? Write them down. By the way, keep in mind that it’s good to keep videos under three minutes each.

3. Keep it simple

Again, don’t overthink it. Use something you already have to record the video. Whether it’s your phone or a camera, just go for it. You don’t have to invest in the greatest technology, because the standard stuff is more than good enough right now.

4. Think about the backdrop

It’s good to have a nice little background that’s not too loud because it can be distracting otherwise. But always remember that keeping it simple is more important. Later on, you can go deeper with green screens and the like, but for right now, choose something easy and elegant.

5. Put your video content where you can read it

Before you shoot the video, it’s good to review those bullet points you’re going to talk about. Or, if needed, while you’re shooting, you can actually prepare something to look at to help you get through the video.

6. Record your video

Be happy, smile, and go for it!

7. Review the recording

As you do so, I know you’re going to see something you won’t like. But again, don’t overanalyze this. If you made a little mistake or had a tiny slip of words, don’t worry. Viewers aren’t picky, so keep that video even if it is not perfect. However, if you made some major mistakes, you should probably redo it.

So those are the seven steps to shooting a video to help grow your coaching business. Go out, take action, and have fun making great content. Do you have other tips and tricks that you can share with us? Please send us an email!

Have a better than amazing day.