How to systematically deliver products and services

I’m pumped that you’re back to learn about another key area of your business that’ll help you explode and have fun as you grow your company. This lesson is on how to systematically deliver your products and services. I’m going to give you one little tidbit, which you may have heard before. But I encourage you to take action on this because I’ve seen it literally transform small businesses. It’s simple, but then again, a lot of information I give you is simple, and that’s the beauty of it.

I learned this many years ago, when I was in the car industry. Believe it or not, I sold used cars! Some people don’t like that, but I think the sales profession is wonderful and I’m proud to say that I sold cars, though only for a very short amount of time.

Anyway, here is what I learned (and keep in mind that it will directly impact how efficiently and effectively you deliver products and services): I observed all the different salespeople in the company, and what I realized was that many of them were good at talking, as well as persuading, but they were really bad at delivering. So what happened was that they might’ve had someone committed to buying a car, but because they were disorganized or took too long to close, they ended up not selling the car.

So what I recommend for your business in terms of delivering products and services is to live by checklists. A checklist will change the way that you do business. When I was selling cars, for example, I created a huge checklist and customized it a bit to fit my needs. Then I just went down the list and checked off the boxes each time I worked with a prospect.

Why? Because when you get busy, you might forget things and end up with unsatisfied clients. If you create checklists and map out each required task, you keep yourself on track. Honestly, this is often done electronically now, which is great. That means you can have an electronic checklist for how you deliver your specific products and services.

Over time, you’ll create some raving fans, especially if you add some customer service things to your list. People are ecstatic and they just want to share your products or services with others. If you don’t have checklists for your business, you’re missing out big time. So I want to encourage you to create some checklists, and then you can sleep well at night knowing that everything is getting delivered appropriately, timely, and in an awesome fashion.

By the way, this works for a variety of different companies, products, and services, so be sure to take action on this tip.