The 3 Ps of Sales – Product Knowledge, Process and Perspective

strategy development process - 3 ps

Hello everyone and welcome to another awesome blog post. The topic for today is the 3 Ps of sales. If mastered, these technics will create success in sales, which means more clients for you. Without further ado, the 3 Ps are Product knowledge, Process and perspective.

1) Product knowledge

This is important, especially when you are involved in multiple coaching niches. You’ve got to be able to clearly explain the benefits and features of each package you offer, as well as which one is ideal for each prospect. People want to buy from someone who knows their stuff and can answer any questions or concerns. It’s hard for a potential client to be confident in your service unless you are, and knowing it inside and out is crucial to that.

2) Process

When I say process, I mean a specific selling method that you go through every time. This is key. We at Entre Results use a process known as the BASS Selling Model, which we cover in other blog posts. Whatever you do, you must have a specific and repeatable way of selling. What is your process for taking people from being qualified to signing on the dotted line? Figure out how you do that and turn it into a system you can repeat each time.

3) Perspective

This is one essential technic of the 3 Ps. Perspective refers to your view, mindset, and attitude in regard to selling. If those are off, you won’t have the right energy and you’ll lack enthusiasm, which makes it hard to sell anything. You can have the excellent product knowledge and an amazing process, but you still won’t get very far if your perspective is off.

Let’s say you’re meeting with a high-end prospect this afternoon. You know your services inside and out, and you’re sure that one of your coaching packages will fit their needs perfectly. You’ve also mastered the BASS selling system. Great, you’ve got product knowledge and the process both down. This combination should make for an easy sale, but you’ve had a rough morning and developed a bad attitude. You’re in a terrible mood and get annoyed by the prospect’s questions. Maybe you end up trying to rush them into signing an agreement with you. Instead of wanting to help them, you just want the sale. Well, guess what? The prospect can tell, so you’ve just shot yourself in the foot and lost the sale. This is why having proper perspective matters so much.



There you have it. Now, you know the 3 Ps of sales. Use them to learn, take action, and have a better than amazing day! Any thoughts? Drop a line in our inbox!