The 3 Ps of Sales

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Hello everyone and welcome to another awesome blog post. Before we start this post, I’d like to encourage you to check out Entre Results Academy. It’s a really exciting new service we’re providing that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of coaching and get results quickly at a much different price point than before. I’m absolutely pumped about Entre Results Academy so please take a look at it if you haven’t yet. Now, for the topic of this post, which is the 3 Ps of sales. If mastered, these things will create success in sales. Without further ado, here are the 3 Ps:

1) Product knowledge- This is important, especially when you have a more sophisticated product or service. The people in Houston who sell to the oil and gas industry come to mind. Some widgets or products can be very complex. I also think of those in medical sales. You need serious product knowledge to sell to surgeons, they’re buying some really heavy-duty, intricate stuff. Of course, product knowledge is important no matter what you’re selling. People want to buy from someone who knows their product or service and can answer any questions or concerns. It’s hard for a potential customer to be confident in your product unless you are, and knowing it inside and out is crucial to that.

2) Process- When I say process, I mean a specific selling method that you go through every time. This is key. We at Entre Results use a process known as the Bass Selling Model, which you’ll have read about in previous blog posts. Whatever you do, you must have a specific and repeatable way of selling. What is your process for taking people from being qualified to signing on the dotted line? Figure out how you do that and turn it into something you can repeat each time.

3) Perspective- This is essential. Perspective refers to your view, mindset, and attitude in regards to selling. If those are off, you won’t have the right energy and you’ll lack enthusiasm, which makes it hard to sell anything. You can have excellent product knowledge and an amazing process, but you won’t get very far if your perspective is off. Let’s use going on a date with your spouse as an example. You love your spouse and you know a lot about them, so you have a date planned out at a special spot that’s enjoyable for them. You have the product knowledge, and by that I mean you know a lot about your spouse and what they want. You also have a great process (taking them to a place that they love) to create a great date.

This combination should make for an amazing date—but you’ve had a horrible day and develop a bad attitude. You’re in a terrible mood and you just aren’t feeling date night. So, although you have a process for the date and good product knowledge in terms of how well you know your spouse, you just don’t have it in the attitude department, and are therefore unsuccessful in having a good date night. It won’t be enjoyable because your attitude and perspective are all wrong. This probably isn’t a spot-on comparison, but if you’re in a sales situation and your process and product knowledge are great but your attitude isn’t, sales won’t go well.


There you have it. You now know the 3 Ps of sales. Use them to learn, take action, and have a better than amazing day!