The Power of Clarity

the power of clarity

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous and rewarding day. Today, we’re going to discuss the power of clarity and what it can do for you and your small business. I remember starting off with coaching in 2007 and going full-time in 2008. I had the privilege of meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals. At the time, I knew a lot about business coaching, but there was also a lot I didn’t know about business coaching. I was new to it. Yet one thing I did know involved the power of clarity. I realized that many people have brains that are naturally scattered or brains that are going in a lot of different directions.

That said, I knew that if you take someone who’s like that (i.e. a person who’s moving everywhere) and you help them create clarity of direction, you can help people get the best results they have ever experienced. By ‘creating clarity of direction’, I’m referring to helping a person take their ideas and put them down in some sort of format (be it on paper or some sort of electronic device) and documenting that (so you get a direction or clarity). You would then look at and help them look at that direction consistently and challenge them when they get off course. If you do those things and ask great questions, from a coaching standpoint, you can help people get better results than they ever have before. That’s the simplistic view of coaching, obviously we’ve developed way beyond that.

I actually remember early on there was an internet entrepreneur who was extremely talented (brilliant, in fact). He was very skilled at the Internet, although Internet entrepreneurship was very new in many ways during that time, and he was just going in many different directions. I had a chance over just a few sessions to sit down with him to download his brain, put together a plan with him, and get him moving in a certain direction. After that, he more than QUADRUPLED his income in something like two months. Now, certainly, with the internet at that time you could make money very quickly. That said, I just thought of the power of clarity on that person.

Many entrepreneurs are scattered. I had a process that I used early on in my career, yet as I met and held a lot of people accountable, encouraged them, and got them in the right direction, I learned that the early form I used was lacking in many ways. When I started off, I didn’t have my own proprietary material. I used other people’s proprietary material because I figured at that point that I knew someone could develop something better than me.

Yet I noticed during the sessions that a lot of people were putting down things or goals that they wanted to accomplish, or they said they wanted to accomplish, but they really didn’t. So I began to tweak and think through how to make this entire method better. I also noticed a lot of times people would write down a goal that they wanted to achieve but they didn’t pay enough attention to detail in terms of how to get there, nor did they put enough time scheduled on their calendar to work on the things they said they wanted to accomplish.

So essentially over five years of conducting thousands of coaching sessions (and getting great results even with insufficient tools), I had the privilege to put together a proprietary tool, The EntreResults Success Planner. This tool is as good as it gets in the industry for working on individuals who own businesses, are entrepreneurial-minded, or who want to improve their life. It’s an individual coaching tool and it’s absolutely amazing for that specific purpose.

Now we’ve created other tools that are great for growing your business and working on the business in a different way. This tool is for the owner, the leader, to get better and grow. This tool also changes the lives of people who take it very, very seriously. I just encourage you that if you don’t have a tool out there or you don’t have a form or a process for taking your brain, putting it on paper, and giving it direction, or a way to be encouraged to stay on that direction, you are missing out.

I strongly encourage you to reach out to a friend or certainly a coach (obviously I’d be privileged to work with you as we have a team of coaches that focuses on helping a variety of different small business owners). It’s important to go out, understand, and take action on the power of clarity today.