The Top 8 Motivation Strategies

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Today we’re going to talk about motivating people. I’ve read through lots of research, studies, and books regarding motivation. Still, I like to do my own research, both formal and informal, and take what I’ve learned from the thousands of different businesses I’ve worked with over the years.

In talking to them about how their team members like to be motivated, I’ve come up with the top 8 ways to motivate people. These techniques will improve your leadership skills and better motivate your team. They can also be particularly useful in family-owned or small businesses. Here goes:

1) Sense of Belonging – Everyone wants to feel like they fit in somewhere. When hard work and good performances are rewarded with welcoming and comradery, your team members will have an extra push to do their best. This comradery can be shown by verbally encouraging people, taking the team out to lunch, making time to celebrate what they’ve accomplished, and creating an inclusive environment. Anything that provides attention, shared experiences, and quality-time can create a sense of belonging.

2) Public Recognition – Make it a point to honor the accomplishments of your team members. You could throw an office party to celebrate something they’ve done. Or, you might have an employee of the week or month program where your top-performer is recognized for their work. Going out of your way to make sure your employees are praised in a way others can see is sure to boost their performance.

3) Private Recognition – This is similar to the previous tactic, but applies more to interpersonal relationships. Instead of throwing a party or choosing someone for employee of the month, you could take someone aside and congratulate or praise them. You could also send a card or write an email or note.

4) Monetary Reward – This may come in the form of bonuses or cash prizes. You could encourage healthy competition by rewarding your top performers with a gift card or a credit for a free meal at their favorite restaurant. Or, you could give bonuses or raises to reward top-notch work.

5) Fear of Consequences – Nobody likes negative consequences. As wonderful as incentives are, sometimes avoiding something unpleasant can be just as big of a motivator. Create reasonable negative consequences to address poor performance, such as extra training, work plans, or probationary measures.

6) Competition – We discussed employee of the month programs and competing for cash prizes when we discussed public recognition. Right now, however, let’s think about the competitive nature of these two things. There’s something about surpassing others that makes people feel good, so competition (provided it’s healthy and friendly) can be a great motivator.

7) Significance/Purpose – Everyone wants to feel like their work has meaning. Reiterate how a person’s work and performance helps your company and all the amazing things they help make happen. They need to see the fruits of their labors and how they impact the company. This will encourage them to keep up the good work.

8) Life Balance – Life works best when you have adequate time for all facets of it, not just work. You could motivate your team by encouraging self-care, doing retreats, and hosting company events where family and friends are welcome.

There you have it! I encourage you to give these 8 tactics a try. Everyone is different, so resist the urge to motivate others based on what motivates you. Try different things, have fun, and make it a better than amazing day!