The Triangle of Sales – Product Knowledge, Process, and Mindset

sales method in business

Today we’re going to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart. It’s the area of business that I started my career in. Yes, we’ll be looking at the art of being awesome at lead conversion. In other words, sales.

Now, I want you to imagine a triangle. And as you look at the triangle, you can obviously see three different corners. We’re going to use the triangle to build a model. This is sort of a big-picture idea, but these three elements are key to being successful in sales. The first point on the triangle would be product knowledge. I talk about this one first because a lot of people think, “Yes, to be great at sales I have to understand my product or service, all the ins and outs.” It’s logical and easy to understand.

What do you think the other two elements are? Well, the second one is the process of sales. What is your company’s process for sales? Do you do the same thing in a specific and repeatable way every time? Of course, there’s flexibility within process, because every prospect, every potential client is different, and you can always adjust accordingly. But you must have a basic outline/sales process. And if you do, is it written down? Does everyone in your company do the same thing?

But the final component is the most important one in a lot of businesses. Because without this, the other two really won’t happen at a high level. The third thing is having the right mindset or attitude. This is really important – overcoming limiting beliefs, overcoming fears of sales, etc.

So these are the three big, overarching elements of being successful at sales: mindset, process, and product knowledge. In future posts, we’ll definitely go over these areas in more detail, but this is it for today. Out of the three areas, what’s the one area you need to work on the most this week, and what are you going to do to take action on that area? Without action, there can be no results, so go out and take action today.