Today’s not New Year’s Day… But Treat it Like One!

Today is June 15th, and so I want you to think about what was happening five and a half months ago, when it was New Years Day. Leading up to January 1st and shortly after it, everyone was talking about New Year’s resolutions and what they wanted to accomplish in 2015. Well, what’s happened since? Life. People got busy, or became overwhelmed by distractions. Many people didn’t actually formulate any type of plan for 2015.

But now that we’re approaching the middle of the year, it’s a good time to really look back at the last few months and analyze how everything went. Or, if you haven’t put a solid plan in place, it’s never too late to start.

I want to spend some time asking you a sample question for each of the 8 key areas of life, just to see how everything’s going. As you go through them, be sure to come up with your own questions that are more relevant to your own life and goals. Here they are:

– Business and career – Did you earn that promotion or increase your sales?
– Health – How are you feeling physically?
– Finance – Specifically, are you keeping better track of your personal finances?
– Faith & spiritual – Have you devoted more time to a higher calling?
– Personal growth – Did you fix a bad habit or nurtured a good one?
– Romance & spouse – Did you spend more time with your significant other?
– Family & friends – Have you improved your interpersonal relationships?
– Fun & Leisure: Did you take some time off to really enjoy life?

No matter how you answered the above, I want to encourage three things:

1. It’s a great time to get away and go on a personal retreat, maybe with a few other people. Then, once you get back from your break, really start planning your goals for the latter half of the year if you haven’t done so already.
2. If you have a plan that you’re following this year, analyze what’s been working over the last few months and what hasn’t. Figure out ways to improve your plan of action.
3. Imagine that it’s New Year’s Day again. Things didn’t go great so far this year? Hey, treat this like a new year, a chance to start over. Or if things are going great for you, let’s keep the ball rolling!

So go out, have fun, and make it happen today.