Top 8 Proven Motivational Strategies Part 2: Public Recognition

motivational strategies to improve business public recognition

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day! Today, I’m talking to those aspiring business owners who want to grow their businesses and succeed. As you know, creating a positive environment for your employees is one of the best skills to cultivate in order to achieve your goals. This is where the relevance of motivational strategies, as we discussed in a previous post, comes to play. Today, we’ll get into the second strategy, which is Public Recognition.

This post covers public recognition as a means of motivating your team.

What is public recognition?

Public recognition is a technique that will allow you to enhance your impact as a leader and make it easier to drive your team forward and provide the energy and motivation they need to give their best.

This, like the other motivational strategies, will work particularly well in a small, family-owned business.

Providing Public Recognition in a Family-Owned Business

Although knowing we’ve done a good job is satisfying in and of itself, there’s something amazing about being praised by others. If someone on your team does a particularly good job, they’ll enjoy having it pointed out by those around them. If you’re in a family-owned business, this may not seem important. However, public recognition for your employees (family members) is essential. Maybe you frequently compliment them on how well they’re doing over dinner or other household activities. That’s great, but it’s not sufficient for the long-term viability of your company. It’s important to distinguish between your working life and your private life. You must make sure that you use this technique in a professional setting.

Make time to honor your team members’ accomplishments at work. You could throw an office party to celebrate a job they’ve done well. Alternatively, you could start an employee of the week or month program where you recognize the top performers for their efforts. Going out of your way to ensure that your employees are praised at work in a way that others can see is a great way to boost their performance.

Remember that everyone is unique, so it’s important to talk to your team members about what type of public recognition motivates them the most.


I really want you to try public recognition as a motivator in your small business, and I would love to hear how it goes for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and drop your thoughts!

Our next post is going to discuss private recognition, the third of the top eight motivational strategies, so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a better than amazing day!