How to Overcome Health Issues to Grow Your Business

Hello everybody, thank you for joining me once again for another awesome blog post! Today we’re going to talk about health issues and how you can overcome them to grow your business. I recently experienced tremendous back pain that knocked me off my feet for a bit. It made me think about the people I’ve worked with who have faced health issues, and led me to come up with eight things you can do to overcome health issues while growing your business. Whether your health issues are mental or physical, these steps can help. So, let’s get started!

8 Ways to Overcome Health Issues to Grow Your Business

1. Professionals- Hire professionals to help. There are people who are professionals at helping you overcome these health issues. Don’t try to go at it alone; have the professionals help you. Go and research people you know or use online reviews and then get some professionals to help you with these things. That’s really key.

2. Plan- Create a new plan based on the change created by your health situation. A lot of times people have business plans. If you’re part of our coaching program, you certainly have quarterly plans and you have monthly goals as well as a general plan in place. Well, you might need to adjust the plan a little based on your current situation. Don’t just keep working without a plan, though, that’s really bad. That’s the mistake a lot of people make when they have health challenges. Create a new plan.

3. Creative- Come up with creative solutions regarding what you can do during these challenging times. I have a client who was off his feet for a long time because of surgery and this person realized that his amount of productivity on the phone could increase tremendously. So as opposed to meeting people in person he started meeting people virtually more and had a tremendous amount of success. So come up with and create solutions for how you can do things a little bit differently while still getting results.

4. Honest- Be honest with yourself. A lot of people I’m coaching, and even myself as I’m going through these health issues, we make excuses about what we can’t do because of our health issues. People will say, “Oh, I can’t do this because of my health issue.” Yet a lot of times we just use that as an excuse or crutch to not get something done.

Now the caveat here is that there are some physical limitations and things that we genuinely can’t do. With that being said, you know in your core whether you’re being honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do. Don’t lie to yourself about it, if you can do it, get it done, and don’t use your health issue as an excuse.

5. Gratitude- Show gratitude daily. We believe in daily affirmations and being grateful, but sometimes when you’re in pain it’s harder to be grateful. Still, do not stop being grateful for what you have. Be grateful that you have professionals who can help you. Be grateful that you’re in an environment where you have air conditioning and you’re not out in the elements sweating. Be grateful for hot water, good medicine, or anything else that comes to mind. There’s always at least one thing you can think of even if you’re in pain, so consider what you’re grateful for even though you’re going through health challenges.

6. Document- Document your emotions. Write down how you feel. That does a couple of things. For one, it helps you get your emotions out on paper, which is cathartic and helps a lot of people feel better. The second benefit comes with how documentation can serve you in the future.

You are going to get through this health challenge, so to have documentation of what you were going through can be really helpful later on. You might be going through challenges in the future and looking back at how you got through your health challenges could be a way to motivate you to some degree. It could also keep you in check with the realization that things aren’t as bad as they were back then, which means if you made it through then, you can make it through now.

7. Quickly- Don’t go back too quickly when feeling better. A lot of times when people start feeling better they go back too quickly and they can reinjure themselves. So, as part of and in keeping with creating a new plan for your life and business, make sure you work your way back into things. What you don’t want to do is make things worse again and then end up going back to square one. I see that happen with a lot of very high-intensity people, and that applies to me as well. It’s actually one of my biggest concerns for myself that I’m going to be wanting to run a marathon tomorrow and that’s just not the wise thing to do because if I reinjure myself I’m going to be back out of commission yet again. It’s important for everyone to be careful of that.

8. Future- Think about your future. Or, more precisely, think about how this is going to impact the future business you create. For instance, a lot of people when they get sick or injured decide that they’re going to create a business that can run without them, and in business coaching that’s what we help a lot of companies do. We help them create a business that can run without them. They say “Well, if I get a health situation again, I still want to be able to make money. I want money to be coming to me even if I can’t be involved with the business on a daily basis.”

In that sense, getting injured or having a health challenge can actually be one of the best things in terms of what helps your business grow. When a health challenges pushes you to make a business that can run without you, your business depends less on you and becomes more systems-dependent. Or, perhaps you’re in a grind right now, but in the future this is a lesson to create a business that can run without you.


I think if you keep these eight tips in mind, both you and your business can thrive despite your health issue. I know being a small business owner has its challenges, so feel free to give us a call at EntreResults if you need help with anything. We provide sales help and specialize in sales coaching and business consulting, among other things, so we’d be more than happy to help you out. In the meantime, take action on this blog post and have a better than amazing day!